At Westcoast 4×4 we don’t just do recovery we can also offer an all-conquering off-road tilt tray, which can assist in transporting recovered vehicles and machinery that can’t be driven.

Our off-road tilt tray is also available for those who need to transport heavy machinery, or anything that entails some off-road hurdles or obstacles.

Offroad & Onroad

Tilt Tray Service

There are times when you need to transport something to a remote location that’s not accessible by road. When this happens it’s time to call WestCoast 4×4 and talk to us about our off-road tilt tray service. We have the capacity to not only transport cars and heavy vehicles, but also machinery and equipment that need to be delivered.

Our off-road tilt tray can also be used on road for towing, transport and recovery anywhere around Western Australia.

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Team of experts

As 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, there is no one better to get you up and moving again.

The Right Equipment

We don’t try to recover your vehicle with a Cruiser or Patrol! We come prepared for any sticky situation.

Only a call away!

One call is all it takes, and we are on our way to help rescue you and your vehicle.

100% Success Rate

We have the right equipment to rescue your vehicle, with a 100% success rate.

Safety First

Safety is our number 1 priority. Safety for you, your passengers and vehicle.


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