There is nothing more Australian than driving on the beach and setting up camp for the night. Our sloping white sand dunes and beautiful coastline are perfect for a 4wd adventure but sometimes the beach will jam even the most experienced off-roaders.

Beach, Dune and Sand

Vehicle recovery

Getting bogged in the sand is easier than you think, and also one of the hardest to get out of. While everyone tries to stick to the track the slightest deviation can cause a tyre to sink, leaving you stranded. As pretty as our white sand is, it’s also very soft and almost acts like quicksand with the weight of a car and spinning wheels.

If you are bogged in the dunes and can feel your vehicle sinking more and more on each attempt, it’s best to stop and call the team at Westcoast. We service all of WA’s coastline and can respond quickly to get your car out of the sand and back onto the road.

For those who are in a tidal cove and simply can’t move there is good news and bad news. The bad news is you are racing the clock before the ocean starts to engulf your car, the good news is that with just one phone call, Westcoast are on their way.

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Team of experts

As 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, there is no one better to get you up and moving again.

The Right Equipment

We don’t try to recover your vehicle with a Cruiser or Patrol! We come prepared for any sticky situation.

Only a call away!

One call is all it takes, and we are on our way to help rescue you and your vehicle.

100% Success Rate

We have the right equipment to rescue your vehicle, with a 100% success rate.

Safety First

Safety is our number 1 priority. Safety for you, your passengers and vehicle.


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