While less common here in Western Australia, it does happen that we get phone calls to help remove a car, bus, truck or anything that’s been caught in a freak flood.

When The Water Comes


Most of the flood recoveries that we get called to occur in regional WA, as rivers burst their boundaries and roads or bridges are washed away.

There have been a few occasions where flood recovery does happen in Perth, with most of them being associated with once in a decade storm fronts that cause low lying roads to be engulfed by water.

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As 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, there is no one better to get you up and moving again.

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We don’t try to recover your vehicle with a Cruiser or Patrol! We come prepared for any sticky situation.

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One call is all it takes, and we are on our way to help rescue you and your vehicle.

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We have the right equipment to rescue your vehicle, with a 100% success rate.

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Safety is our number 1 priority. Safety for you, your passengers and vehicle.


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