You might be surprised to know that Westcoast 4×4 can also recovery heavy vehicles and machinery. While most of our 4×4 recoveries are recreational off-roaders we have the equipment and skills to successfully recover any heavy vehicle or equipment be that, buses, trucks, tractors, trailers, cranes or even boats!

100% Success Rate!

Heavy Vehicle Recovery

We take recovery seriously, which is why we have invested in our heavy vehicle machinery recovery equipment, which enables us to recover any vehicle from any situation.

With the wet winters we are being called to more farming locations than normal to help recover stuck or bogged down tractors, harvesters and a lot of other farming equipment that have got stuck in paddocks and just can’t be moved.

Westcoast 4×4 has also been called to recover boats that are stuck in the sand, proving the point that if it’s stuck, we can get it out!

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Team of experts

As 4wd enthusiasts ourselves, there is no one better to get you up and moving again.

The Right Equipment

We don’t try to recover your vehicle with a Cruiser or Patrol! We come prepared for any sticky situation.

Only a call away!

One call is all it takes, and we are on our way to help rescue you and your vehicle.

100% Success Rate

We have the right equipment to rescue your vehicle, with a 100% success rate.

Safety First

Safety is our number 1 priority. Safety for you, your passengers and vehicle.


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